Hello everyone!

Welcome to Dear Autumn UK, my name is Angela and I have decided to start a blog after thinking about it for a long long time. I’m Spanish but have moved to England in 2013. I’m working as a nurse but I love books, fashion, beauty and skincare, cinema and music and I think a blog is a perfect place to share this love with people.

I want to apologise, English is not my first language and as much I’m trying to improve it I know you will find grammar and writing errors but I want to let you know that I’m trying my best.

A few important points about this blog:

  • Dear Autumn is a personal blog, a place where I pretend to share my opinions, reviews and love about books, beauty, skincare and fashion. You will find also cinema or tv shows…All my opinions and reviews will be done from and with respect.
  • I will not take responsibility for other people’s opinions or comments. Any inappropriate content will be deleted.
  • Spam is not permitted in this blog. Any spam message will be deleted.
  • In this blog, you may find personal pictures and opinions are personal. I don’t allow the use of it and all the content is under copyright rights. I will quote or indicate when the content is not original.
  • If you have any question or want to contact me, you will find me here: dear.autumn35@gmail.com

You can find me on other platforms:

  1. Instagram
  2. BlogSpot I started this adventure with this one but recently I have some problems so I decide to try WordPress.

Thanks for being here and share this adventure with me. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Lots of love

Angela xx


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