Unboxing: FairyLoot February’ 17

– Unboxing – FairyLoot – February 2017 -Emperors and Fugitives –


Won’t be a surprise if I say that I love FairyLoot boxes and that each month I fall in love more and more.
The items are always perfectly chosen and related to the theme and you can feel the love, effort and hard work invested in the boxes.

The first item that received me this month has been…a candle! And you all know how much I like candles 💜. This gorgeous one has been made by Happy Piranha and named by the author of the book. Apparently, we will understand better the name after we’ve read the book.


What a perfect way to keep save your favourite items that inside this beautiful pouch made by Alisse Courtier and inspired in The Rebel of the Sands.

Another item that I love to receive: is a Funko. A full Funko Pop, a Mystery Funko or a Keychain Funko. I adore them. Especially the first and third ones. The one that FairyLoot sent is adorable 😻and has been well welcome for the rest of my Funko family.




Now is time to relax and dedicate some time to ourselves with this stunning bath bomb made by Bathing Beauties and their Celestial Gunpowder one. It smells so nice 😻.

Illuminae was one of my favourite books in 2016 and this coaster made by Read at Midnight is perfect 😺

As usual, FairyLoot always shares with us amazing artwork and in this box, we have two wonderful pieces: from Till and Dill a gorgeous bookmark


and from Taratjah, an amazing art print


As bonus items, we have an original introduction to a new story and a discount code to MyBookmark.

And the book of the month is 🥁🥁🥁
🌌🎆Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza🎆🌌

See you in March with another unboxing. This time will be a very especial one as FairyLoot will send their one year anniversary one 💜🎉💜 and the box is PURPLE!!!!!

Lots of love,

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