February Check in


– Mid-Month – Check in – February 2017 –


Hello my dear leaves 😃


Hope you are all well and having an amazing reading month 😉

Today I’m here with a post inspired by the awesome Gintare. I really enjoy her Instagram and YouTube channel and would like to invite you to both of the As I was saying, inspired by her last video I decide to do my mid-month check in to try to motivate me with my goals and to share them with you. Let’s go into it 😃

  • Currently reading: Caraval!! By Stephanie Garber. I started the month really well reading this book but I have had my family over I didn’t manage to read much. Time to carry on!
  • Last purchase: I bought two books that I have planned to read this month but I’m not sure if I will manage to. A court of Thorns and Roses & A court of Mist and Fury. Both by Sarah J Maas.
  • Last book added to my Goodreads TBR: can we observe this gorgeous cover? I can’t wait to buy it!
  • Something positive: I decide to start a new section in my Instagram and I may bring it over here too. Is called Healthy Wednesday and will cover each Wednesday (obviously 😜) part of my trip into a healthier life. Can be food, fitness, experiences or motivation. Hope you enjoy it! The first picture was this one:

How is your month going? Have you had a good Valentine’s Day? To honour of that day, I must confess that one of my favourite love story/couples from a book is Claire and Jamie Fraser 💜💜💜. If you haven’t read these books, make yourself a favour and start them soon 😉


Lots of love,

Angela 😘😘

2 comentarios en “February Check in

  1. alison brodie dijo:

    Neil Gaiman is such a good writer. ( Anansi Boys) I had’t seen this book, Norse Mythology.. Great idea for vegan recipes. My cousin is a vegan so I will send your link to her.
    I would like to give up meat but I’m in a house full of meat-eaters, so it’s difficult. x

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • dearautumnuk dijo:

      I must confess that I haven’t read any Neil Gaiman’s book yet. Im quite scared as everyone says is great and won’t be the fisrt time I have a big disappointment. I think Norse Mythology will be the one breaking the wall.

      Im not vegan…but I like many of the vegan recipes. Would love to check your cousins ones. X

      Me gusta


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